Zip File Repair

While downloading a ZIP file you might have faced the following issues:
  • For downloaded files CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error appears.
  • File is corrupted and WinZip is unable to open it.
  • You will find that downloads is incomplete.
  • "You will find a specific zip file is corrupted"
  • "The compressed zipped folder is either invalid or corrupted"
  • "unexpected end of archive"
  • "WinZip self-extractor header corrupt possible causes: bad disk or file transfer error".
  • Unable to open the file and doesn’t appear to be a valid archive,

Seems that you faced the similar issues while downloading your ZIP file if you’re answer is ‘Yes’ then it might be that your file is corrupted. To get rid of this problem you need the help of a Zip File Repair Tool to restore the content and file. With the help of this software you will be able to repair your corrupted ZIP file without losing your original text.

recover zip file

About Zip File

Have you noticed a ZIP file on your computer or it might be that someone mailed you a ZIP file but you don’t know how to use it or you getting a message from window that you cannot open it. It is commonly used data archiving and data compression format that is used to compress a large sized file. This file helps you to keep your related data together and makes downloading, emailing and storing your important files easier. If you find a file with ZIP file extension then it is a ZIP compressed file. You need to determine that what kind of file this file extension refers because there are many kinds of file that uses ZIP file extension.

How Zip Files Corrupts – Reason Behind the Issue!

Zip file is very common among the internet users as it helps you to transfer several files in single folder. It is an open source format so it easier for you to send all files correctly. As we all know internet is not secure there are chances of viruses to attack your network which can damage your Zip file. Here you have the most common reason behind the corruption of your zip files:

  • When we download a Zip file from internet it causes transfer error which is the most common reason behind the corruption of your file.
  • Zip file corruption is also because of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors.
  • While you are downloading a file from internet and the download remains incomplete, is the another reason behind the file corruption.
  • Improper shut down due to power failure or due to some reason while you are extracting a Zip file can also lead to file corruption.
  • Due to virus attacks, while downloading the file from internet there are more chances for malware attacks which leads to file corruption.
  • Corruption in the header of Zip file or in the file system leads to file corruption.

How to Repair Corrupt/Damaged/Inaccessible Zip?

Zip file is a data container in which you can store multiple files to reduce its size. It is used so that we can transfer or share large file over the network to reduce the time. It has become common to use this file which has increased the risk of corruption. The reason behind the corruption can be many such as: virus infections, CRC error, power failure, download error or improper shut down etc. You need a powerful software that can repair your corrupted Zip file. Zip File Repair Tool professional software that helps you to get rid of all the problems. It has been designed to repair damaged or corrupted or inaccessible ZIP/ZIPX file. It helps you to fix the broken and invalid Zip file. It can even repair you password protected file or any other compressed tool such as WinZip. It repairs unreadable Zip file or files that are not fully downloaded or partially damaged. So without wasting more time just download Zip File Repair Tool and experience its magic. Get your file repaired within few minuts.

Features of Zip File Repair and recovery Software

  • It can easily repair broken corrupt, damaged or inaccessible Zip files.
  • It can even repair corrupted Zip files due to virus infection or CRC error etc.
  • Repairs fully damaged or partially damaged files.
  • Easily repair multiple file in a single repair cycle with the help of batch file recovery.
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface that doesn’t require a technical skill while operating this software.
  • It supports all version of Zip file compressed with Zip
  • You can previews the recovered data before copying the recovered data at desired location.
  • It is embedded with powerful QFSCI algorithms to repair and recover corrupted files.
  • It offers options for repairing selected files from corrupted ZIP file.
  • It offers live update features so that you can install the latest version.